ok so in the promo we know that Hershal goes missing and we see him looking at alcohole berverage later we see a car flipping over, maybe that's him lossing control under the influence of alcohole. Based upon the promo we also see walkers invade the farm and

Three graves being dug?

we see three garves being dug by Shane, Andrea, Dale and Daryl or Rick i can't tell but it looks like Daryl to me and Lori who ust walked up. You can also see a dead body next to either Daryl/Rick. I believe that Patricia, Beth and Jimmy are the ones that die during the attack. We are also tolled that new charcters appear in this episode. I believe that they find Rick who has found Hershal on the side of the road which will also result in finding out the digger in the back which in this case is Daryl. What do you think and does anyone think i left anything out. If you disagree on any please give a reason in the comments. nothing rude please. Thank You :)