Ok guys this preview is titled The Walking Dead 3x09 Promo "The Suicide King" 


So first off i'll just like to mention that i don't believe that's it's just a Promo first 3x09 but clips from some, maybe all of the remaining episodes (3x09 to 3x16)

Ok so the link did spoil a little in future episodes so stop reading if you don't wont to know

0.00 to 0.04- You see the Governor walking out from smoke at the arena (same smoke grenads Rick used in 3x08 - meaning he just saved Draryl and Merle) To prove this at 0.20 - 0.21 you hear Glenn say "what the hell is he doing hear" referring to Merle + you can see Daryl's cross bow.

0.11 to 0.12 - Andrea is heading to the prison using a walker on a leash to see her old group (Rick is there wearing differn't clothes from 3x09 and is with Daryl so she doesn't reach the prison till 3x10 onwards and The Govenor wouldn't be seen shooting at the prisoners 0.16 while Andrea's there pluse at 0.19 seconds - You see Andrea returning to Woodbury at night time and why would she go back if he just realeased walkers in on the prison.

At 0.21 seconds where you can see the truck that's full of walkers. You can see Michonne jumping out of the way from it at 0.21 behide the prison bus confirming the truck drove into the prison. And then at 0.15 - You can see Carol - Maggie - Beth and Carl running out onto the prison feilds, filled with walkers with the same truck in the field. Carol is wearing a long pink sleave top during the walkers attack but seen wearing her normal red/pink tanl top so no walkers attack in 3x09 shown in (3x09 sneak peak 1)

besides all of these things you can also see that The Charcaters change clothes example Rick and Glenn at 0.20 - 0.21 are wearing differn't clothes at 0.30

so you can see that it isn't just a promo for 3x09 but for a few episodes.

ok now to the Sneak Peak 1 for 3x09 -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3tiRQPcIfc                                                    We have Allen and Ben talking about taking over the prison whilst Tyreese and Sasha disagree. Which will be happening in 3x09

Sneak Peak Two -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiJ6AvX8JPw                                                                                                                                  Daryl and Merle in the arena whilst Andrea is held back trying to prevent the attack.

I believe this will happen

3x09 - Rick rescuing Daryl + Merle. Dealing with the new prison group + The Guv'na recovering/planning a attack

3x10 - Sending in a truck full of walkers and attacking the prison (first assault) someone in Rick's group is injured in crossfire + Gov'na retreating. Ricks group lock prison gate to feild up because too many walkers.

3x11 - Andrea wonting to see the prison group attacking Guv'na to do it. Goes to the prison to join the group may not be fully trusted

3x12 – Rick, Michonne and Carl setting off to find Morgan for more man power as The Gov'na recovers from Andrea's attack. Rick only to find walker Duane and kill unstable Morgan soon after.

Ok so based on the infomation we can see that......

  • Rick will Save Daryl and Merle in 3x09 
  • there's is at least 2 maybe 3 episoeds in the promo
  • Andrea is seen at woodbury wearing the same clothes from 3x08 in the promo for 3x09 onwards so she must still be in woodbury in 3x09
  • Andrea is weaing a white top going to the prison so that would probably occur in 3x10 or 3x11
  • Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, Carl, Carol, The Governor and Andrea are seen wearing two differn't t-shirts meaning 2 differn't episodes. 
  • Andrea arrives after the walkers in the prison yard attack because you can see the truck behide her when she has the walker on the lead


  • There's a good chance that the walkers attack wont happen in 3x09 because.........                                            1. In 3x09 Carol is wearing the tank top whilst Carl in t-shirt but in walker attack they are in differn't clothes