Ok so the Characters are Rick, Lori, Carl, Judith, Glenn, Andrea, Carol, T-Dog, Daryl, Hershel, Maggie, Beth, Michoone, Merle & Brian. Below i'm going to write why i think a character will live or die and what Season they die if that were to happen

Lives - Deaths and ?

Rick: (Live) He's the main character of the show, he wont die

Lori: (Live) She's having a baby so i couldn't see her dying in Season 3 because the baby wouldn't be born, she died in that prison in the comic but changes have been made from the tv series to the comic series so with that said i believe she wil live past the the two seasons and die later within the show so when the baby doesen't need her alive to stay alive

Carl: (Live) Rick would not be able to continue in the world if his son died, he would loose his mined Carl will live

Judith (Live) She died in the comic being crushed by her mum, Lori. I really don't know if they would do that again but, then again a baby would cry a lot and attract walkers, not a good thing in the new world but she will live anyway

Glenn (Live) Main character in the comic and tv show got heaps of storylines to cover, mainly with his realtionship with Maggie

Andrea (Live) Main character, she wont be killed off this early she got so mouch more growing to do

Carol (Live) I believe she will leave past season 3, continue to grow into a stronger woman udner the wing of Daryl, who is very pertective of her and often by her side and saving her

T-Dog (Death) The crew have said the T-Dog will have more screen time season 3 rather then then the first 2 but to me he's one of those characters that is on the chopping block within the next two seasons i reckon he'll die during season 4

Daryl (Live) Hands down live, everyone is amazing with this character, no one wonts him to die. Will live hands down

Hershel (Dead) The produces were going to kill him in both 2x12 and 2x13 but last minutes changes saved him both times, his days are numbered, he wont make past the next to seasons

Maggie (Live) A Main character, her realtionship wit Glenn and a main character in the comic series, she wont die

Beth (Dead) She's going to take of the role of the Greene sisters murded in the prison

Michonne (Live) need i say more then live?

Merle (Dead) something tells me Daryl will kill him late season 3 till anywhere in season 4

Brian (Dead) All villains must die and like his comic version he will have the same fate

New Characters

When they reached the prison i can already see Tyreese his daughetr Julie and her boyfriend Chris inside with the prisoners Axel, Thomas, Andrew and Dexter still in the barricaded cafeteria

The Governer, Dr Stevens, Alice and Martinez

New Character, Live - Deaths - ?

Tyreeses (Death) same role and death as comic to give Michoone more of a story

Julie (Live) I really don't see her killing herself because we have already found out about how everyone is affected

Chris (Death) I can see him dieing after having a part of him amputated

Axel (Death) Walker attack on the prison, that's when the others were returning from Woodbury.

Thomas (Death) For killing Beth which leads to him being locked up in a cell where Hershel grieving over the death of his daughter Beth

Prsioners vs Ricks group - I blieve these characters will die with around about, (i.e. may be a few differences in deaths) but die like they did in the comic series to further develop storylines for the main characters.

Andrew (Death) same as comic

Dexter (Death) same as comic

Same as above i believe these people from Woodbury the same fate (but differen't circumstances)

Dr Stevens (Death) Same as comic

Alice (Death) same as comic

Marinez (Death) same as comic

Part 2 Of My Prediction Comming Soon :)