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Merle meeting is original group

DCGHJLT September 18, 2012 User blog:DCGHJLT

I'm so exicted for when Merle meets up with his original group again. I'm assuming that he'll meet Andrea first seeing she will reach Woodbury first then he'll run into the rest.

I think that himself and Daryl will be happy to see eachother but not for long as i think Merle will won't Daryl to join Woodbury but to Daryl's disprovall which will cause a rift. I also think he has some unfinished business with T-Dog and Rick, i wonder what he will do once he finds out that Lori and Carl are his wife and son OMG i can't wait XD

and i've also re-watch the season 3 trailer hundreds of times and i'm 99.9% sure T-Dog and Merle are fighting eachother.

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