ok so what are everyone's thought's on the first episode?

Me personally i loved the first epsode but i was hoping for and hour special like season 1 and 2 had.

Carl and Beth's friendship, great move i say loved it. Carl may have a little crush on Beth haha. On the other hand Carol and Daryl have gotton closer as well which i'm a huge fan off the couple pairing.

I like the fact that it has started about 9 months into the future - shows how everyone has grown in the new world. It's also great by the fact the Lori will be having her baby very soon.

Carol becomming a better shooting (neally hits Rick) "sorry" hahaha. I like how Beth and Carol of the group are a lot stronger. The two went from being the women who were in dyer need of protection to walker killing machines XD.

Hershal being bitten - SHOCKER haha not really but he'll live, no one will die so soon unless they are background survivors or just around to be killed to further the story.

And how could i forget the prisoners. I found it so funny how they all lifted their heads so scaredly from behind the cafeteria kitchen, if i'm not mistaken they are criminals haha, some probably for murder.

To be honest if there's a death next episode, i think it will be a prisoner but based on the trailer to - 3x02 'Seed' you see Daryl approach a grave. I hope to dear god it's not Carol's, i waited 7 months to see this show again and i hope it wasen't just to see her die but i believe they all will survive at least to the first 8 episodes.

So leave opinions and thoughts below and tell me and others what you thought? :)