Oh maaaaaaaannnn....I'm not one to cry. I cry at rare moments. But jeez, this was just the most depressing game ever. And I absolutly freaking loved it. So, I DID NOT cut off my arm. Just didn't want to. Since I rewinded and got Ben back, he died again. I didn't kill the Stranger, Clem did, but I didn't know how I could have. I'm trying to remember what else happened. I'm just at a loss for words. The ending had me balling. It was amazing, TellTale's magnum opus. Also, Clem shot me, but that was kind of obvious.

As for the stranger....that was COMPLETLY unexpected. It came out of nowhere. WHAT A TWEEST! But, I felt bad for him, even if he was crazy. I loved this game, one of my new favorites. I hoped other people did too.