Ok, first off, the Midseason finale was amazing, a little too "talky" during the first half but WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM what an ending! Completely redeems all the bullshit from the Season 3 Nonfinale and I've said it 1000 times but it needs to be said once more, Scott Gimple is a god among men. That said, time to freak the flippin shit-fuck out at the unfortunate, apparant god Daryl 'The Immortal One" Dick-son.

I was pissed when I noticed that HE was robbin the screentime AGAIN and that HE basically killed off the entire militia single-handed, but then I saw the walkers and, well, I'll let this video speak for my reaction:


but then we cut away just as the walker GRABS HIM, then suddenly NOPE! He's perfectly fine and he managed to JAB HIS GUN THROUGH THE WALKER TO USE IT AS A SHIELD, then he single-handedly DESTROYED THE TANK................................... I'm just gonna let the video speak for itself:


This is COMPLETE bullshit in my opinion, and seriously the only thing holding this episode back from being a perfect 10, (well that and the obvious cop-out when Judith re-appears perfectly fine in part 2 of the season). The last thing I have to say is, c'mon guys, you had the PERFECT set-up for a 'farewell to Daryl party': He gets bit, runs off into the crowd with the grenade, while rolling another one underneath or inside the tank, then BOOM. The only people left unsatisfied would be the annoying fangirls who can fuck right off for all I care. So I'll leave you all with this, Gimple and co. Amazing episode but.........