Not sure if this has been covered already but its just something that has been bugging me since the announcement of Chad Coleman, Sonequa M-G and Emily Kinney's promotion and everyone started going crazy over the fact that Melissa McBride and Scott Wilson aren't "Main Cast". So here it is for anyone who still hasn't clued in- they're basically the same thing. The only difference is that the Main Cast get their names in big bold letters during the opening credits. A series regular is just a cast member who is REGULAR to the SERIES, get it? For those who haven't noticed, both Carol and Hershel have been present in most episodes since their introduction, that seems pretty regular to me. Which leads me to the actual point of this blog- Larry Gillard Jr. as Bob Stookey. He was announced as a series regular, NOT main cast member as some people (including whoever edited the Season 4 page to put him under the Main Cast list). You're welcome.