Had to throw up this appreciation blog for the man who saved The Walking Dead, personally, I can't get enough of the guy! First he shows up and writes 3 of the best episodes in Season 2 ('Save the Last One' 'Pretty Much Dead Already' and '18 Miles Out') then he writes 2 of the best episodes of the entire series to date 'This Sorrowful Life' and the masterpiece known as 'Clear' and now he's in charge of the whole show! And his presense in the showrunner's chair has definitely been felt (by me at least) Season 4 has seen a MASSIVE step up in the overall quality of the show, everything from the dialogue and general writing all the way up to character development, pacing, and plot have improved greatly over the shit-show that was Season 3. He's only personally written the premiere to this season thus far, but he's definitely gotten the other writers to step up their game! The writer of Indifference was a newcomer to the series (Matt Negrete) and he did a great job, as did the others! We have truly entered the Gimple Era of The Walking Dead and personally, I hope it never ends. Long Live Gimple!