So first, let me be clear, I like Daryl, he was the best thing about the show in the first 2 seasons by far, and there was  no doubt in my mind that he was my favorite character, like alot of other people. But then Season 3 came around, specifically the latter half of S3, and changed everything. In the first 2 seasons, he was the maverick, the lone wolf who didn't want to be 'one of the gang' yet had the capacity to care (as shown by his frequent attempts to find Sophia). Then AMC realized what a huge cash cow he could be for them (especially among the female demographic) and thus, the shitting all over what he was began. It started with the writers over-emphasizing his good heart in the first half of season 3- he was suddenly the first one to volunteer for anything that needed to be done, caring for the baby, taking more of a leadership role, and generally caring more about the group, you could simply just chalk it up to them trying to make his character more humane, and the sheer logic of him growing closer to the group after all the time they spent together, but I see it as them trying to paint him as the 'sweetheart' for females to latch onto (as if they weren't already). And then it was kicked into overdrive in part 2 of s3, here, they completely abandoned everything that he was in the first 2 seasons, instead of being the "maverick" of the group, he was suddenly the stereotypical 'bad boy with the heart of gold' character, he was wearing a leather jacket, rode his motorcycle everywhere, his hair started to get longer (and now in s4, he has the full on emo-hair) and his "perfectness" (general invincibility, or whatever you wanna call it) was ratcheted up to a whole new level of WTF, most specifically during the walker-killing contest he had with Martinez in 3x13, where he not only landed 100% perfect arrow shots, but even managed to show off his never before mentioned or seen, perfect knife-tossing technique. As you can tell I really disagree with the way the writers have chosen to take him, and I may get hated on for my opinions, but whatever, I felt like sharing this nonetheless. I'd like to know if anyone else feels similar, or if you completely disagree. I, personally, will hold out my hopes on the writers taking Daryl to a dark place where he could possibly regain some of his lone wolf characteristics, but until that day comes, I'll try to tolerate the "New Daryl" cash-cow that he has become.

P.S. since I hardly ever post on here unless its to hate on Karen- Can't wait to see Karen get brutally eviscerated by walkers, hopefully within 10 seconds of her first appearance in 4x01 and before she can open her emotionless mouth