I don't know if anyone has proposed this theory before, but I was talking about the future of the show with a buddy and I came up with this possible plot thread-

Daryl becomes disillusioned with Rick and the rest of the gang after the prison downfall (this much seems true so far) and in an episode in 4B he comes across something that either makes him think Carol is dead or makes him incredibly pissed off at Rick, so much so that he leaves the group (or just Beth if they don't hook up with the others) and we don't hear from him again for a long time, like Season 5 finale or S6 midseason finale depending on how long they take doing the storylines that fit between the fall of the prison and the Saviors. The scene would be pretty simple, we have Negan's introduction, followed by Lucille intimately meeting some survivor's head cavity, and then in the final shot of the episode we pan over the Saviors who were present during the scene and the final one we see is the now disfigured Daryl.

What do you all think? Anyone else see this as a possibility?