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Comic/tv counterparts

I think some of the comic tv counter parts are a lot more complicated then everyone thinks


Billy Greene- I think Beth and NOT jimmy since jimmy's and billy's only similarity is the fact their teenage boys, i think beth is gonna be the trigger for hershell to die so i think beth is billy

Allen- Morales they have the same looks,character and both a wife and 2 kids

Donna- Jaqui since they both stayed with jim and both died the first stop afther the Atlanta camp, and a bit miranda morales being married to allen('s counter-part)

Ben&Billy- Eliza and Louis

Tyreese- Daryl and T-dog, Daryl because the relatiionship with carol and the being rick's right-hand man, T-dog because of them both being black, their same build and their weapon of choice being a hammer

please let me know if you think i'm wrong

Update: I also think Carol from the comics is not fully carol from the TV-series i think she's part Carol and part Beth(Since their attempt suicide)

Arnold&Lacey: I Think Jimmy is their Counterpart instead of Billy's since they both were minor characters that died in a zombie attack, but that is just a guess. And since Arnold and jimmy both died saving a life

Extra update:Ceasar martinez: Randall being both prisoners from a hostile goup

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