So, in the last episode, we saw several of the prison newcomers meet a gruesome demise! We also saw the deaths of Karen and David, and their killer has yet to be revealed. Another thing we saw was in the first scene, when an unknown survivor was feeding live rats to the walkers surrounding the prison fence. Well, in this blog, you will hear my opinion on the happenings in Infected, and are able to share your own opinions down in the comments! So, let's begin!

In the first scene, someone is feeding rats to the walkers. Who that is, well, we don't know. If you ask me, based on what I have observed in 30 Days Without An Accident and Infected, the person I believe to be responsible for the walker feedings is...(drumroll, please!)...Lizzie! Now, I know that there has been some doubt to my theory, such as the fact that the flashlight was up way too high for Lizzie Samuels to be able to reach, but I have a couple of reasons as to why I believe that she is the one responsible.

1. Lizzie likes walkers.

Lizzie has shown to like walkers, not despise them. The first time I noticed this was in the premiere of Season 4 when she, the other kids and Carl are at the fence, looking at the walkers. She takes a liking to a specific male walker named Nick. Carl snapped at her, saying that walkers are dead, and that they're a threat. To this, Lizzie replies that they aren't dead, that they're just different. Carl asks her if she's ever seen them die, and Lizzie has another response, "Yeah, I have." This could mean that Lizzie has seen someone die from a bite sometime before she and her family came to the prison. It could also mean that she could have seen her own mother die as a result of a bite, and then reanimate. (Lizzie's mother has never been seen, hinting at the fact that she died before Lizzie came to the prison.)

2. Lizzie feels sad for the walkers.

She looks like she genuinely feels remorse. Because of their insatiable appetite, Lizzie could feel compelled to take matters into her own hands and capture rats from inside the prison to be used as food for the fence walkers. It's a reasonable theory, but that still doesn't explain how Lizzie would be able to shine a flashlight up to the walker's face, as she isn't tall enough. Well, who's to say she's not having help? The other kids, Molly and Luke, could they possibly be helping her? She's basically told them that she sees them as people, not flesh-hungry, brain-dead carnivores.

3. Lizzie doesn't see walkers as a threat.

Because of the fact that Lizzie sees walkers as people, she doesn't identify them as her enemies. She sees them as people who have a sickness, that are hungry and longing for something. She has probably seen some pretty horrible things during the possible 2-2 and a half years since the outbreak. She's probably seen many people die and come back as walkers, maybe including her own mother. That would mean that she wouldn't see her mother as a walker, she would see her mother as her mother, just sick. Mika also explains to Carol that Lizzie isn't weak, (implying that she's probably had to make some terrible decisions, such as killing walkers), she's just messed up. That could indicate that Lizzie is unable to cope with the new world, and how to survive in the new world.

Anyway, enough of this, onto who I think killed Karen and David. Well, this was a hard one. I had to watch both episodes of Season 4 at least three times before I came up with my final answer. My answer to this question is...(another drumroll, please!)...Carol Peletier! Yes! I believe that it was Carol who killed Karen and David, and then burned their corpses! Why, well, it's really hard to put into words. I won't go into as much detail as I did with the previous theory about Lizzie and the rats and the fence walkers, but I will give you my reasoning.

Carol is becoming a real badass. She's come to terms with the way that the world is now, and she knows what must be done in order to survive. After all, she's lost her husband and her only child. She bashed in her husband's head to keep him from becoming a walker. She had to watch as Rick killed Sophia back at Hershel's farm. She has nothing now. This has opened her eyes, and now she feels as though if something goes wrong, you have to act swiftly and you have to act carefully. When Ryan Samuels was attacked and bitten in D block, she took him into a cell and was prepared to amputate his arm to stop the infection from spreading, like Rick had done when Hershel had been bitten. She knew what she had to do and acted swiftly. She was ready to save Ryan's life. But then she saw that he had been bitten on the back of his neck, and knew that Ryan was going to die. Instantly, she accepted the man's fate, and told him that his daughters would have to say goodbye. As Mika and Lizzie were saying goodbye, Ryan died, and Carol knew what had to be done. She doesn't want people to become walkers, like her daughter Sophia did, so she wants to eliminate them before they become threats.

When Lizzie has her breakdown, Carol kills Ryan and it's over with. It's done. Then, Rick and the others discovered Patrick and the man named Charlie. Dr. Subramanian stated that they had died of an unknown sickness, that they had hemmorhaged until their eyes and ears bled.

At the council meeting, Carol states that others might be infected, that they need to seperate those who were exposed. Hershel says that they've all been exposed, (I think that might have an effect in the future), and Carol's mood changes dramatically, and all of a sudden she's really bleak and dark. When she learns that Karen and David might be infected with whatever the heck it was that killed Patrick, she wants to seperate them from the rest of the group as soon as possible. She also mentions to the other members of the council that they should me moved to A block, or 'Death Row'. She knew where they would be moved to. She knew how to get there. She knew how to use knives, and considering the fact that there was blood on the floor of the cell that Karen had been moved to, that could mean that Carol had been the one to murder her. It seems reasonable. Someone who is teaching children how to survive, how to use knives to kill walkers (and possibly other people), to kill someone who she believes is a threat.

Anyway, that'y my opinion on two specific topics. However, I want to know what you all think! Leave your theories down in the comments! :)