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    So, the description for episode 404, Indifference, says that those on the supply run encounter multiple 'hurdles'. Carol and Rick also go on a run to a suburban area, probably for medicine for those with 'The Flu'. First, I'm going to state my predictions for the group at the college, then Rick and Carol's run, and then for those back at the prison.

    Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne and Bob are at the college trying to get medicine and antibiotics for the sick. I believe that they will make it inside the college somehow, but the inside is just as bad as the outside. I don't think any of them will die, but I think they'll have many close encounters on their way to the infirmary or the nurse's office, or wherever the heck it is they're going. On the w…

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  • Creatoroflocalcartoons

    My Opinion

    October 26, 2013 by Creatoroflocalcartoons

    So, in the last episode, we saw several of the prison newcomers meet a gruesome demise! We also saw the deaths of Karen and David, and their killer has yet to be revealed. Another thing we saw was in the first scene, when an unknown survivor was feeding live rats to the walkers surrounding the prison fence. Well, in this blog, you will hear my opinion on the happenings in Infected, and are able to share your own opinions down in the comments! So, let's begin!

    In the first scene, someone is feeding rats to the walkers. Who that is, well, we don't know. If you ask me, based on what I have observed in 30 Days Without An Accident and Infected, the person I believe to be responsible for the walker feedings is...(drumroll, please!)...Lizzie! Now,…

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