Kind of curious as to who your favorite villain is from the comics. I just finished Volume 19 and the villains in movies, tv shows, games, books, etc are always way more interesting to me. These are arguably the 6 biggest villains. Comic spoilers --- Shane is the first "villain" you see in the show and comics, though he isn't essentially evil. He is just driven by his love for Lori and Carl and the loss of what he considered a family. The second obvious villain is Thomas, the convict in the prison who beheads Hershel's youngest daughters and almost kills Andrea. He later almost kills Patricia before being killed. Possibly the biggest villain, The Governor. He has done many, MANY bad things in both the tv show and comics, even getting his own saga of novels. From raping Michonne, to the prison assult which kills Lori, Hershel, Billy, Axel, and many others, he is possibly the worst. The 4th villain comes in a group, and they even get their own volume. Chris and The Hunters, a roaming band of cannibals, stalk Rick's group and even kidnaps and eats part of Dale, before being slaughtered by Rick. Derek and the D.C. Scavengers are a short lived group of baddies, who get offed in a quick, and comedic way. The final of the main villains is Negan, who bashed in Glenn's brains, gutted Spencer, and assulted the 3 communites many times. Did I mention that he hot irons the faces of those who get in his way. He is a popular one, and has given the Governor a run for his money in terms of Volumes of appearance and the level of his crimes. So do discuss which of these villains, or maybe a lesser villain, are your favorite. Personally, I love The Hunters. A group of cannibals that stalk and eat people, to me, is just a scary and entertaining plot.