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  • I live in Manhatta, Kansas
  • I was born on November 3
  • My occupation is Actor
  • I am Male
  • CrackingCody007

    3 Days ago I saw a blog containing the next part of Season 4's titles and the synopsis for each episode, rumored or leaked of course. Now I cannot find any site with the same rumor, or even the blog. I've been searching since yesterday, and I wish to find that info again. Can anyone link me to the leak, the blog, a forum page, or any site that would have these spoilers.

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  • CrackingCody007

    Kind of curious as to who your favorite villain is from the comics. I just finished Volume 19 and the villains in movies, tv shows, games, books, etc are always way more interesting to me. These are arguably the 6 biggest villains. Comic spoilers --- Shane is the first "villain" you see in the show and comics, though he isn't essentially evil. He is just driven by his love for Lori and Carl and the loss of what he considered a family. The second obvious villain is Thomas, the convict in the prison who beheads Hershel's youngest daughters and almost kills Andrea. He later almost kills Patricia before being killed. Possibly the biggest villain, The Governor. He has done many, MANY bad things in both the tv show and comics, even getting his o…

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  • CrackingCody007


    December 8, 2013 by CrackingCody007

    Kirkman said that Gareth is a twist on a comic book character, and has no direct counterpart. Honestly I think Gareth could be a twist of Father Gabriel. Gabriel was introduced in the beginning of Fear the Hunters, so it is a little close to where they are now, and we know that Morgan, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene will be big characters this part of Season 4, and hopefully on past this season. If Gareth isn't a counterpart of Gabriel, maybe he is a counterpart of Chris with a twist. They might introduce the Hunters this season, and leave some suspense for the next season, for they are the next big bad guys in the series. Just throwing speculation around, but I'm stoked for what is in store either way. I am always intrigued by the bad guys i…

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