Hello my filthy cowlings, it's time for another blog post by your friend Cowardlygurp. Given that the last two triggered just about everyone, I've made this one perhaps a bit less scathing. Since the entire wiki is plagued by redundant, boring, and obvious blogs about how terrible the TV show is, I've decided to bring you guys something original for once. Despite the rarity of the TV series doing something better than the source material, there are such instances.

Without further adieu, here are the five characters that were done better by the TV series than they were in the comics.

Another disclaimer: Characters that could be considered, but only vaguely, to be adaptations of a comic book character, such as Sasha or Beth do not count.

  • Michonne - Michonne is arguably one of the biggest failures of the comic book series. She had all the promise of a good character, but despite having been alive since Issue 19, has served no purpose but to slut around and remain far too guarded to be interesting. The TV series, on the other hand, brought life to her. She's well-acted, and far less annoying than on panel. She had actual depth, and a storyline other than her failed love life. She became a mother figure with real purpose and personality, and remains a well-liked character.
  • Hershel - Now, this does not, by any means, mean that Hershel was a bad character in the comics. However, he was certainly less likeable that the wiser, more interesting Hershel that we saw in the Television series. He was a mentor, and a father-figure that made him unique from the other characters. He was selfless, and was a good example of someone who retained their humanity despite all that had happened. In the comics, he was much more scathing, and while he had his moments, he didn't have much to define him or make him memorable.
  • Shane - Do I really need to say much on this one? Shane lasted up to Issue 6, and barely had time to do anything. He was illogical, and him "snapping" at Rick seemed rather forced. In contrast, the TV series took the time to make us actually care about him, and then built him into a much more reasonable, not to mention memorable, antagonist. 
  • Rosita - Rosita is one of the few characters left in the TV show that didn't do worse than their comic counterparts. Instead, she was an improvement. In the comics, she was forgettable and nearly invisible until issues before her death, and served barely any purpose outside of Eugene and Abraham's stories. The Television series turned her into much more of a forefront character, with significantly more intelligence and likeability. In other words, they gave her an actual reason to exist. 
  • Carol - Let me clarify myself. Carol was a great character in the comics, in the sense that she fulfilled her purpose, painting a picture of what happens when someone doesn't have what it takes to make it in a brutal world such as in TWD. However, the Television series brought her much more purpose and life. While she has had a few eye-roll moments, she's also managed to stay likeable for the entirety of the series' run, and has changed more as a character than almost anyone else. By Season 6, she had become the perfect embodyment of a cynical, hardened advisor to Rick, a good contrast to Morgan--one of the few character dynamics in Season 6 that I enjoyed. Instead of a relatively forgettable background character, she became an underrated mainstay.

Was this blog boring? I feel like it might've been. Oh well. Next time I'll write something more offensive.

Which character did you disagree with me on the most?

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