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  • Corrn

    Hey everyone, this is just a question for everybody who usualy edits stuff.

    I've not read the other character's relationships sections, I just so happened to have stopped scrolling while on Kenny's page, and there is information that should be changed.


    It says that Lee is always on Kenny's side during the first two episodes, I was, but I know many people who weren't. Also, it says that while on the train, Lee and KEnny have a physical fight about the Duck situation, this didn't happen in my game (Note: I know it DOES happen, I just avoided it.), so maybe we should add either "It is possible that" in front of a lot of things we add in the video game character sections, or that we try to be neutral while describing things.

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  • Corrn

    Rick's hand

    March 30, 2012 by Corrn

    Tiny Comic Spoilers

    How do you guys think they're going to handle Rick losing a hand in the show? It was an iconic moment and changed the game a lot during the prison arcs. Thoughts?

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