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Worst characters throughout the TWD media?

Who do you think are the worst characters in TWD media; comic, tvseries, game, novel etc.? These are just my opinions.

Comic: This is hard, but I'd say Chris. Julie's boyfriend, nothing more. So useless and always complaining about everything, I just don't like him. His role in the comic didn't mean shit.

TV: Ed Peletier. I think they also fucked up the roles of Allen and Ben, but Ed is the worst. He does nothing more than beats up his wife and kid, and is also pretty useless. Really, did we need this character? 

Game: Larry and Vernon sucked, but the St. John Brothers Andy and Dan. Couple of cannibal bros. I liked the cannibalism theme on the game, but Starved For Help was shittiest episode due to these two characters.

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