Hi. "No Time Left" is coming next week! Holy shit. But who you think is going to 'bite the dust'? If you ask me...

1. Kenny. He is going to die for sure. I think he is going to lose it and maybe sacrifices himself to horde or something. He's been there for 5 episodes and don't see why he wouldn't die.

2. Lee. Well, he is bitten so... that's it I guess. Might got some spoilers about him, but not sure are they reliabe.

3. Christa/Omid or both. I'd say Omid is the one who dies, if Christa truly is SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER pregnant. It'd be cool if they both survived but no one lives forever.

4. Ben (Determinant). If he is saved from ep 4, he'll die for sure in this episode. He wanted to do something right, as he said to Lee at end of ep 4 if you saved him. Maybe he'll do the sacrificeshit too... or something else. But he'll die, I'm pretty sure.

5. Campman. Lee will kick his ass, I know it.

I don't know about Ed, Diana, Clementine, Vernon or Molly. Or the rest of Vernon's group. But if there has to be sixth death prediction...

6. Ed/Diana. Lee may have to do a determinant choice, like he did with Doug and Carley. This affects his relationship with Clem.

But I'd say Clem will survive. I don't see why would they kill her, although they have killed too many good characters already. It would've been pointless to bring her to Savannah and kill her. No... she has to survive.

I think there might be many choices for the group in the end. But I think every choice contains Clementine.

So, what do you think?