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Lost Characters in TWD

Why would u like to see again on the TV or comics? Have you for example thought what happened to Morales and his family. Well, i still hope they're alive. How about Merle, Jones Family or Lam Kendal, the sheriff from 1st episode of TWD?

In my opinion, i think Lam and Morales family will appear at some point, dead or alive.

How about the unknown overseer. Who could it be? Because of overseer's hair, overseer could be Lilly. But all the men in ZA are having long hair (who could shave their hair when u have zombies to kill?). Also, it could be Bob, Alexander Davidson (i hope so) and perhaps his own gang or maybe Rick's lost brother, Jeff. I would like to see him.

Daryl Dixon is meant to appear soon, but is it little obvious the overseer is him? Also i hope overseer has a gang of lot people.

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