Issue 123 is out on Google Play!

What can I say? It's a crazy issue, and wasn't really expecting few things happening here.

Sooo... Spoilers ahead!

"Whose side is Dwight REALLY on?"

Carson leads Eugene, his team, Mark and Amber to safety. Meanwhile, Negan starts another assault with mucked weapons, so they are dirty as hell. At the end, Rick is shot with Dwight's crossbow. 

Since 124 shows Kal alive (who died in this issue BTW), could it really be Rick is done? He's been shot like hundred times and has passed out also a hundred times, so could this be it? He can't outlive every single character, and I could really see him dying. At least, Hilltop's assault will be heck of a fight without Rick on the battlefield.

Dwight's actions will be questioned in the future, considering he'll survive the attacks. Actually, he had the chance to shoot Negan, but he didn't. Why would he shoot Rick instead...

Carson is also awesome, reminds me of Alice and her taking Prison survivors out of Woodbury with Martinez and Stevens. I also hope that Marcus dude will be alright! When was the last time a Kingdom resident was named...?

Your thoughts on the issue? I'd give it 9/10, really exciting. 

I put some effort on this blog this time!

Alive: Everyone except...

Deaths: ...Kal, Mike the Savior, several Hilltop survivors and Saviors.

Unknown: Rick and Marcus.

So, thoughts?

What did you think of Issue 123?

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