Please forgive my English and grammar my first language is Spanish.Please stick through the whole blog. Hi I just signed up for this wiki due to my immense love for the comic series, video game, and some what the TV series. So any help would be greatly appreciated.On to more important matters, I like to think the comic series is better then the TV series in every way except the way Morgan was executed I mean TV series Morgan was beast. Comic series was a redshirt who occasionally got a line. I this subject is a little late sorry.But write when he got character development they kill him off. that is the biggest troll ever bigger then Billy and Alice combined depending on your opinion. Now this is completely optional feel free not to do it or do it or whatever but if you want to me a favor but maybe if we all comment on letter hacks Robert Kirkman will start noticing that he messed up big time on Morgan and give him his own limited series, novel series, some plot twist that would prove that he's still alive. Please help me and thank you for your time.