So of course there's been plenty of speculation on where Episode 5 takes place and where this city is, exactly. There's been some theories, like the outlandish "it's Savannah and the corpse is Lee", but my theory is it's Lousiville, Kentucky.

Wellington, the place Christa and Clementine were going, can refer to several cities in the US. The closest to North Carolina is Wellington, Kentucky, which is in the suburban-metro area of Louisiville, the state's largest city. Comparing the Episode 5 menu image to the Louisville skyline shows some substantial similarities;

Louisiville is also exceptionally cold in the winter, as is Wellington. It's not really consequential/decisive theorizing, but I dunno, I think it'd just be cool to narrow down locations, and I think that location where the group will go is Louisville, and it will be especially interesting for me since I grew up very close to Louisville and have gone there many times.

Thoughts? Theories?