I was wondering if anyone else has thought about this. When Rick's group first encountered Jesus, he said that he was looking for communities to trade with, and invited some of them to The Hilltop under the pretense of it being a safe haven. So before he invited them, why didn't he warn them about The Saviors? If what he and Gregary said was true, The Saviors have tried to kill him enough times for him to consider them a threat. I'm not saying that everything that happened in the aftermath of his introduction wouldn't have happened, but why couldn't he have said that he was looking for help against The Saviors outright? That way Rick might have gone on the defensive rather than dive head-first into another conflict just after The Battle of the Safe Zone. Did Jesus just want some of the pressure taken off of the Hilltop? Was be tallking about The Saviors when he mentioned some of the communities they traded with?