Ever since I got started on this wiki, I've heard an equal amount of praise and criticism for the TV version of Andrea. I personally am among the people who can't stand her, but somehow that leads people to believe that I, and others who don't like her, are sexist. I admit, a lot of the critism I hear towards her is just trolling, but there are plenty of valid points to be made regarding her character that are both positive and negative. The point is that we shouldn't just savagely lash out against any opinion we disagree with. If there are comments that just seem like random trolling, ignore them, but if it seems like someone has actually put thought into an opinion you might not agree with, question that opinion, maybe offer some counter points after hearing them out. That way everyone has a chance to come to some sort of understanding, and if none can be reached, at least you'll have heard each other out so you can agree to disagree and give the issue a rest. The point of this wiki is to share thoughts and opinions regarding a spectacular series, so lets make the most of it.