Now I've seen plenty of blog posts about which actors will go on to play certain characters in the TV Series, a lot of which I've even contributed to. That being said, I've started to think about which actors could voice certain characters if they ever decided to adapt the comic into an animated series.

My Picks:

Rick: (Lee Tergesen)

Carl: (Zach Tyler Eisen)

Morgan: (Ernie Hudson, Joe Morton)

Glenn: (Brad Swaile, Johnny Yong Bosch, Will Friedle)

Shane: (Nathan Fillion, Josh Halloway, Christopher Meloni)

Lori: (Evangeline Lily)

Andrea: (Mae Whitman)

Michonne: (Cree Summer, Regina King)

Dale: (Stephen Root)

Tyreese: (Kevin Michael Richardson, Michael Jai White, Rick Fox)

Hershel: (J.K. Simmons, Michael Hogan)

Maggie: (Maggie Siff)

The Governor: (Mark Hamill)

Axel: (Jonathan Banks, Ted Levine)

Abraham: (Richard Epcar, Ron Perlman)

Paul "Jesus" Monroe: (Kirk Acevedo)

Dwight: (Dean Winters)

Negan: (Clancy Brown, Adam Baldwin)

Ezekiel: (Ron Glass, Lance Reddick, Dennis Haysbert)

That's what I've got so far. You guys have any ideas?