Hey all, Clygar07 again! So based on current events in the comic, there's a lot of speculation that Rick is going to die. Now I'm not the kind of fan who stops watching or reading something just because his favorite character dies (though it can lead to a decline in story quality), but what I'm wondering is who would take Rick's place as leader if he died? These are the most likely candidates that I've considered:

Andrea: She is second longest surviving adult in the series, therefore having experience that many of the other characters lack. Also factoring in her skills as a sharpshooter and Eugene's recasting of bullets, I'm sensing she's about to become more relevant than ever. She's also managed to lead the Safe Zone to victory against The Saviors without Rick or Michonne, so I'd say she'd be ready to step up if she had to.

Carl Grimes: Probably the one person Rick has had the most influence on, and arguably the most well-adjusted to the apocalypse. The problem with this is that no matter how brave or competant he is, he's still a kid, and therefore has little to no impulse control, as his recent capture by The Saviors pretty much proves. Hypothetically, if there were a timeskip in the series, Carl would be an ideal leader, but for now, he's too reckless and inexperienced.

Michonne: Another longtime veteran of the series and a fan favorite. She has just as much experience as Andrea, and has even been on the frontlines more often than her. I'd say the only problem with having Michonne as leader would be her stability. While she is extraordinarily held together considering what she's endured, she is unpredictable, especially when trying to cope with stress, such as her relationship with Tyreese and her attempt at seducing of Heath. She's one of the better candidates for leadership, but I think she works best as a soldier.

Paul "Jesus" Monroe: A relatively recent addition to the series as well as being the only ambassador between the other communities. He seems to have survived for roughly 3 years without the use of any weapons save his wits and skill. He also seems to be looked upon as the true leader of The Hilltop community, since he's the only one who seems to have any respect for Gregary. Having him as the leader of the series could potentially unite all the communities he's contacted. My personal problem with this is that I'm not too comfortable having such a recent addition to the cast essentially replace the main character, especially since I find Jesus to be a more bland and less interesting character than Rick. I don't hate him, but he's not my favorite.

An entirely new character: Same problem as Jesus, but Rick's death would already be beginning of a New Age for the series, so starting off with a clean slate makes a little sense.

So those are my choices, I'd like to hear all of yours!