Some thoughts about issue 127
I don't know if anyone else has thought of this, and I'm not sure if it adds up in terms of continuity, but has anyone considered that Lily Caul is the character on the issue 127 cover? And that the others are left over survivors from Woodbury? It's a little out there, but as I understand it, there's supposed to be a novel that picks up where The Woodbury series left off, with Lily as the leader of whatever remains of Woodbury. I imagine that this novel will bridge the time gap between the aftermath of the Prison battle, and issue 127, explaining things from Lily's point of view. I know Kirkman said that the prison was dead to him, but that would probably apply to the setting as opposed to the characters. If what Kirkman says is true, and that he knows where the series will be by the time of issue 200, then it could be that the novel series is, and always has been part of that plan. Thoughts?