Warning! Spoiler Review!

Let's start with the highlights-

Kal: As Jesus suspected, Kal did in fact leave to tell the Saviors of the joint effort against Negan. Many have pointed out that this mirrored the "Martinez situation", and it could easily have had Jesus not talked him down. While I would've preferred that we got to know Kal a little bit more before revealing him as a traitor, sparing him gives him the opportunity and motivation to redeem himself, and redemption has always been an interesting theme in WD. Even though I don't personally agree with Kal's decision, his argument about dragging the other members of The Hilltop into a war without telling them does make sense. It doesn't justify what he almost did, but it does give him more depth than if he'd just been a double-agent. Even though Jesus stopped him in time, I'm willing to bet that if those Saviors report back to Negan, he'll suspect something is up.

Eugene: Now that he's in the fold and knows what he's working for, Eugene has definitely been established as a resoruce, though I'd prefer it if we'd seen him make some headway on the project by now. While it does seem naive of him to think that rick wouldn't use the recasted bullets against The Saviors, it does bring up an interesting point. Regardless of the changes brought on by the post apocalypse, conditions are still the same in many ways. Rather than joining forces to regain some semblance of what was lost, people still find reasons to fight and kill each other, and it seems they would rather keep at it than reach some sort of agreement. This obviously goes more for Negan than it does Rick, but the fact is that Eugene was working on technology to enable people to defend against walkers, and Rick immediately wants to use it against living people. I understand that he doesn't really have a choice, but it serves as a reminder that not as much has changed in the post apocalypse as the characters may think.

Michonne: I was particularly caught off guard by Michonne's hostility upon meeting Ezekiel and Shiva. My first thought was that they had known each other before the apocalypse, but this doesn't seem to be the case. This could be attributed to her recent reluctance towards fighting, a knee-jerk reaction to seeing a live tiger, or just a defensive reaction to when he briefly touched her, which, considering her past experience with strangers, would be understandable. My feeling is that Heath's rejection of her hit her pretty hard, not because she liked him especially, but because in times of crisis she's always used sex as a coping mechanism, and his rejection left her vulnerable. Now it seems that Ezekiel is attempting to fill that void, which calls to mind Andrea's relationship with Dale. Only time will tell where this development will go, but my curiosity has definitely been peaked.

Ezekiel: It was a smart decision on Kirkman's part to get Ezekiel and Shiva's origins out of the way fairly soon after their introductions, considering all of the accusations of their both being unrealistic. While Shiva is still a ticking time bomb, the story of Ezekiel having raised her as a cub holds up for now, at least to my mind. And he still has her sleep in a cage, so he isn't too deluded. Adding to the relative sense of realism is the revelation that Ezekiel's over-the-top monarch demeanor is mostly a persona, and that beneath it lies a leader who, much like Rick or The Governor, started as an average person who had to step up after the apocalypse. The main difference being that he seems more dependant on appearances than Rick. As for the implied spark between him and Michonne, while I'm not crazy about the idea of another leader using his status to proposition women, somehow Ezekiel avoids coming off as unnerving (especially for a guy with a pet tiger). He isn't already married like Douglas, he didn't make any pathetic attempts to aggrandize himself like Gregary, and he hasn't outright extorted women the way Negan has. He approached Michonne with what seemed like genuine sincerety, apologized for upsetting her, and paid her complements that were innocent enough. As stated above, it seems unfair to target Michonne in her current state, but I can forgive Ezekiel since he doesn't know about her situation.

'Rick''s standing as leader: I'd've thought Rick would've learned his lesson about secrets after Carl's cyclops rambo routine backfired. I understand that Rick's inner circle should recieve news ahead of the other safe-zone members, but his constant facade of fealty to Negan is only fanning the flames for a potential coup d'etat from Spencer and other frustrated zoners (trademark). I'm a little dissapointed that this wasn't addressed, but it's only a matter of time.

Conclusion: Yet another in a long line of build-ups to an inevitable conflict with Negan. While I'm a little dissapointed that things haven't come to a head yet, the development of some of the more recent additions to the cast, namely Ezekiel and Kal, made it well worth a quick read at the very least. Kal's betrayal did seem a bit anti-climactic, but everything always goes from back to worse in WD, making the few instances where catastrophy is averted all the more worth while. Not the eventful issue everyone was hoping for, but it's release will hopefully make the wait for the next issue all the more rewarding. Hopefuly, issue 111 will live up to that anticipation.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Theories? Additional Notes? Bring em on!