So it's finally happened. We finally met Ezekiel, and I've noticed that people have been very quick to dispense judge. I've seen comments saying that he's interesting, farfetched, and even that his presence is evidence of an impending decline in quality story wise.

The following is my personal opinion. Comments, questions, and critiques are encouraged, but lets keep it relatively civil.

I do think a lot of his appeal comes from how visually striking he is, more so possibly than any character introduced thus far. That isn't to say I don't think he has potential. While I'm pretty sure the attack he and Rick are planning against Negan won't go smoothly, this alliance is a subtle step towards a pseudo United Nations, similar to Fall Out, which presents no shortage of story opportunities.

I'm really interested to hear thoughts, opinions and theories about him and his origin. Not just where he got Shiva (the tiger), but how he came to be leader of The Kingdom, and what he did pre-apocalypse.

My theory is that he was a history professor based on the medieval theme of The Kingdom, his manner of speech, and his tiger being named Shiva. Since the conditions of the post apocalypse are similar to the middle ages (minimalist technology, constant death via plague and violence), having knowledge of how people used to live would definitely make him an asset.

As for how he came by Shiva, that's anyone's guess. The best theory I can think of is that he initially found her as a cub very early on in the apocalypse, possibly having saved her from Walkers. This works as it would explain her loyalty to him, and female tigers reach maturity at 3 years, which is accepted as a rough estimate of how much time has passed since issue 1. He also probably could've kept her alive by feeding her walkers. Tigers do eat carrion and animals are confirmed to be immune to the virus, so a 200-500 pound predator would be a nearly perfect weapon against all but the largest herds of walkers.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Criticisms? Queries? Alliteration is fun!