So I just finished playing Episode 4 and without spoiling anything, I've had a thought. What if someone who's bitten doesn't necessarily reanimate? What if they just happen to die of something else after being bitten and then they come back as zombies?

Looking back:

- It wasn't the bite alone that turned Amy, but blood loss from having been bitten in the neck.

- Even though Jim was bitten, we never saw him turn. For all we know his decline in health was brought on by dysentery, and maybe he eventually died of malnutrition after being tied up and left without food or water.

- Lacey Greene was devoured by multiple Zombies and Arnold Greene got the same kind of bite as Amy and was shot before he had the chance to reanimate. Shawn Greene was trapped under a tractor and eaten by a couple of zombies.

- Donna was devoured by multiple zombies, so it wasn't one bite that killed her.

- When Allen got bitten, Rick cut his leg off, so it could have been blood loss alone that did him in.

- Dale's leg was cut off and eaten shortly after he got bitten, so blood loss on top of the stress of the twins deaths, maybe even dysentery.

- Jessie and Ron both got devoured by a horde of Zombies, so whether or not they'd been bitten, they would've died anyway.

- Morgan got his arm cut off shortly after he got bitten, so there's not only blood loss as a possibility, but the stress he had been under at the time due to Duane's death could've contributed. His issues always did take a back seat to whatever else was going on.

-Irene at the motel in Episode 1 of the game either gets shot or shoots herself before she can change.

Aside from examples of bite victims, we know that anyone can die of natural causes and still reanimate, we know from the Governor that exchanging body fluids with Zombies doesn't cause a change, and we saw that nothing seemed to happen to the hunters when they ate Dales leg. They were chopped up and burned before we could see anything, but still, it's worth noting. This is all purely speculation, so I may be wrong, but I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks.