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  • Clygar07

    Episode 3: In Harm’s Way (Revised)'


    If Clementine chose to stay with the group, events up until reaching Howe’s Hardware will play out exactly as in canon. If she escaped however, the episode will open with her dodging walkers as she runs through the woods. After a while she’ll be forced to catch her breath, and will climb a tree just out of reach from walkers. At least three of them followed her and have surrounded the tree, and since she doesn’t have a weapon, she can’t allow herself to fall asleep. The player will have to do some button mashing to keep Clem awake, but eventually she’ll nod off for just long enough to fall off the side. Though she’ll grab the branch, one of the walkers will pull her and the branch to the ground. Clem wil…

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  • Clygar07

    Telltale Game S2 (Revised)

    November 6, 2014 by Clygar07


    Really? A rewrite of Season 2? What a completely unique and unexpected area of discussion! All joking aside, I’m aware that there have been plenty of blogs and suggestions for how to improve season 2 of varied quality. I’ve wanted to share my thoughts for a revision for a while, but I thought I’d wait until the topic died down a bit before I threw my hat into the ring. Though I’m generally satisfied with the game we got, I acknowledge that it definitely had its faults from both a gaming and storytelling perspective. While my revision will follow the same basic story, certain parts will be altered to make player choice more relevant and varied, as well as to give more background and screen time to certain characters that I thought h…

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  • Clygar07

    Amid the Ruins Review

    July 22, 2014 by Clygar07

    Just to be clear, I've only recently finished my first playthrough and therefore I haven't explored every possible option. So I apologize in advance for any points I bring up in which I may be misinformed. 

    Clementine: As usual, it's always interesting to see just how far the story and choices can shape Clementine's character. While events in the story are often set in stone, the possibilities the players are given regarding Clementine's personality make her more than the blank slate a character in that position could be. The dialogue options could easily lean too far towards innocence and ruthlessness, but the options are pretty well balanced and usually make perfect sense within the context of an given situation. 

    Kenny: As with many peopl…

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  • Clygar07

    The following is most likely old news, but as a courtesy, there are a few potential spoilers.

    To begin with, just to make sure no one gets the wrong idea, I'm not suggesting that Lee survived the end of the 1st season, nor am I suggesting that he should have. His death marked the perfect ending to a great story. That being said, the following is simply my own idea behind a hypothetical scenario in which he did in fact survive the season 1 finale. How you may ask? Well I've put some thought into this little bit of wishful thinking (and that's all it is). Anyone reading is free to disagree with whatever points I bring up or to point out any flaws in the logic behind any of it. I think it's fairly air tight, but I could easily be wrong.

    In orde…

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  • Clygar07
    Some thoughts about issue 127
    I don't know if anyone else has thought of this, and I'm not sure if it adds up in terms of continuity, but has anyone considered that Lily Caul is the character on the issue 127 cover? And that the others are left over survivors from Woodbury? It's a little out there, but as I understand it, there's supposed to be a novel that picks up where The Woodbury series left off, with Lily as the leader of whatever remains of Woodbury. I imagine that this novel will bridge the time gap between the aftermath of the Prison battle, and issue 127, explaining things from Lily's point of view. I know Kirkman said that the prison was dead to him, but that would probably apply to the setting as opposed to the characters. If w…
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