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aka Kodela

  • I live in District 11
  • I was born on February 26
  • My occupation is Highschool D:
  • I am Male
  • Clove the best

    So this will be the talk blog for the mid-season finale :(

    Im excited for tonights episode but im also sad for the break.

    Comment youre Predictions, Thoughts, and everything else. 

    So have a great day (: bye.

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  • Clove the best

    So this will be the talk blog where we post post our thoughts, predictions, and everything about tonights episode! Spoilers arent welcome before the episode airs. Have fun ! and I will post my thoughts tomorrow.

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  • Clove the best

    So if youve watched Killer Within you have probably noticed Carol is gone. My guess is she ran out of the prision and into the woods. Now I belive when Merle goes to the farm he will encounter her. Than she would go to Woodbury and give up the prision. Maybe this will start the whole rick/govener conflicts. Its just a guess but what are youre thoughts?

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