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  • Christ2010Grad

    If there is anything the Walking Dead does well on, it is midseason finales (it better, if we have to wait for 70 days until the next episode to return then they need to give us an episode which will satisfy us until they come back). What a midseason finale should do is close out the end of an arc that has been going on for a long time or start new one (which is what the Season 3 midseason did). In Season 2, we had Sophia coming out of the barn. Season 3, we had Rick and his group raid Woodbury to rescue Glenn and recently in Too Far Gone, we had the Governor launch his final assault on the prison. My favorite was Too Far Gone. The chat between the Governor and his group of soldiers, as well as Rick and the prison people was a nice build t…

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  • Christ2010Grad

    So it has been recently said that the crew finished filming the 4th episode of Walking Dead Season 4.

    I just want to look on the production up to this point and see where the crew has been shooting Season 4 up to this point and for us to just speculate on what will happen in these first 4 episodes. Okay here goes:

    Season 4 premiere- We have Rick Grimes in the forest with a Walker in the background. Also it seems like the majority of the episode will occur at the Supermarket where they were filming and it seems like Rick and the gang will have to face a herd of walkers. This episode was written by the new showrunner, Scott Gimple and directed the effects guy Greg Nicotero. That episode was completed on the 16th of May.

    Season 4 episode 2- This…

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