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  • Chrisdbz110

    Well as we all know that the Governor has returned which makes me wondered what he plans to do to take down Ricks group as we seen in the previews were gonna have a flashback episode showing what the governor has done during his absents. For all we know now he still has his two men with him which could mean he's either taking them down one by one or he has a huge army waiting to strike where the prison is more relaxed and unprepared.

    Ive heard from alot of people there was tank seen on set which the most logical anwser would be the governor has a tank and is about to unleash hell on Rick's group.

    What i wanna know from you all is how do you think this will go down will he either his entire army fighting against the prison while saying Kill t…

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  • Chrisdbz110

    Michonne past

    October 21, 2013 by Chrisdbz110

    Well Last night episode left alot of questions and Im curious more about MIchonnee past since she cried while holding judith well i was think if this has anything to do with those pet walkers she had she said they werent human to begin with meaning that they did something to her that was horriable so maybe michonne had a child and those 2 guys did something to the child like killed it.

    p.s sorry if anyone else wrote something like this i didnt know

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  • Chrisdbz110

    Jeff Grimes

    March 3, 2013 by Chrisdbz110

    In the comic book jeff is rick grimes younger brother but he has never made an appereance only mention 2 or more times. but i was thinking since the video game is canon to the comic book what if Jeff Grimes becomes the new protagionist of season 2 of the walking dead video game? since robert kirkman said that Jeff will never be seen in the comic book what if telltale game makes Jeff grimes the new protagionist to find out what Jeff has done before and after the apocalypse?

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