In the Telltale Game, Ben's dies as a result of a accident before he can finally prove himself to the group. However, i have an idea for how his death could have turned out differently, and would have actually made people want to save him.

If you dont save Ben in episode 4, then there's that scene where Lee drops the radio down a hole, Christa jumps in to get it (Only to find it full of walkers) and then Kenny has to sacrifice himself to get her out. In my idea, Ben's death in the alley would be removed completely, and instead of KENNY getting Christa out, It would be BEN, with Kenny getting out of the city with Omid and Christa. However, if he had been killed in episode 4, The scene would play out as normal, with Kenny dying instead.

Hopefully, this would give people an incentive to to save Ben: He does nothing of use in episode 5, and im pretty sure most people prefered Kenny (TBH, i did prefer Ben. At least he doesnt judge you, and he seemed pretty realistic), and at least he would be able to live out his promise