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  • Chocolate pickles

    In the Telltale Game, Ben's dies as a result of a accident before he can finally prove himself to the group. However, i have an idea for how his death could have turned out differently, and would have actually made people want to save him.

    If you dont save Ben in episode 4, then there's that scene where Lee drops the radio down a hole, Christa jumps in to get it (Only to find it full of walkers) and then Kenny has to sacrifice himself to get her out. In my idea, Ben's death in the alley would be removed completely, and instead of KENNY getting Christa out, It would be BEN, with Kenny getting out of the city with Omid and Christa. However, if he had been killed in episode 4, The scene would play out as normal, with Kenny dying instead.


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  • Chocolate pickles

    So, i was watching a gameplay video of 'Survival Instinct', and at one point, it is mentioned that 'Military Units have initiated VACCINATION... operations'

    In addition, it is also states that 'if attacked by infected individuals, IMMEDIATELY disinfect any bite or scratch wounds'

    The second one can easily be explained away as the standard procedure for disinfecting wounds (Maybe the goverment had already figured out how the bites/scratches transmitted deadly infectious diseases), But the mention of a vaccine is intresting. Anybody got any theories/Fact that can dismiss that the vaccines actually worked? (I dont watch the TV show or read comics: Just played the telltale game)

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  • Chocolate pickles

    Be bitten?

    I've been thinking about the location of the walker at the end of episode 4, and the fact that it's right next to clementines dropped radio makes me think she was attacked by the walker, dropped the radio in the struggle/in panic, and then was rescued by the radio man, who proceeded to kidnap her. However, considering the unlikeliness that clementine could have held off the walker long enough for the radio man to intervene, it could be possible that she was bit.

    Thoughts on this theory?

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