I'm Chevleclair, just a random blogger from Iowa. nice to meet you all.

The reason I've decided to write this blog is kind of unusual. This is kind of a commentary on some of the complaints I've heard about all of The Walking Dead media. I'm basically going to keep it simple and give you the most common complaints I've heard, and explain why I like the show/comic/game. Hopefully this would help some with these complaints look at the same thing from a different angle, and perhaps appreciate things from a different perspective. In no way am I disparaging anyone for not sharing my point of view, nor do I think my way of looking at things as superior to anyone else's.

The first complaint I've heard about this whole storyline is the complete lack of gore. That makes sense to me. Someone with this complaint has more than likely started reading/playing/watching for some full-on, old fashioned, people-eating horror. Nothing wrong with that, after all, that's what hooked me. People aren't attacked and ripped apart often enough, and there needs to be some brains splattering, dammit!

My counter to this is actually quite simple. It's not horrifying if you don't care about the person being victimized. Issue 100 wouldn't be all that bad if it were just someone were beaten and their brains were left splattered on the concrete, but it what made it far worse was Glenn had his brains splattered on the dirty concrete. We spent 97 issues bonding with him, watching him grow steadily happier as the series progressed. We saw his future beginning to brighten and then it's gone. This makes the death both horrifying and tragic.

Another complaint that's quite common (in the comic) is the fact that the zombies no longer seem like the threat they used to be. Most of the suspense is gone. Is a Walker going to jump from the shadows and put a hefty bite into someone? Will there be another Amy? What about Donna? That was some heart-wrenching stuff.

In my opinion, this is very good writing. Humans adapt to problems like this, and given the familiarity with these things, their patterns, and the like, it would actually be almost routine to deal with this problem. Secondly, this also reveals what the real monsters are. The very same thing that were the monsters all along. Humans are the monsters, it's just that the walkers are a more straightforward version of it. Rick was absolutely spot on when he screamed for all to hear, "We are the Walking Dead!"

(more later)