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  • Chevleclair

    This is simply speculation, mind you, and there are no intentional spoilers written within the confines of this post.

    This is a thing of consternation for me, given that Rick Grimes, to me, is the greatest comic book hero/antihero of all time. Better than Spider-Man, Batman, or Superman, Robert Kirkman's central character in this study of studies shows no special qualities required of other comic book characters save for the fact that he always made the best of horrible situations. While the comic would live on without him, it would not be the same, changing abruptly for the worse. Rick's death would signal not only the beginning of the end of his own story, but the end of the co0mi book's run as well. At least at this point.

    Rick isn't nece…

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  • Chevleclair

    I've been addressing some complaints about the Walking Dead media in my previous two blog posts. I've gotten a few respnses, and that's perfectly fine with me, I'm not expecting a massive response to any of my posts, given that I'm an infrequenter of this site. If this is the first part you've read, then here's the first two parts (http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Chevleclair/Perhaps_this_is_a_different_perspective) and (http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Chevleclair/Part_II_of_a_different_perspective). I'm going to go with one more point and finally close this topic for awhile, at least

    The last complaint I hear is, in fact, comic book related. This is the fact that Daryl Dixon is not in the comic. I happen to be a fan …

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  • Chevleclair

    In my first part of this blog, I decided to address some of the main complaints about the comic and TV series, and this second part will continue to do the same. (http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Chevleclair/Perhaps_this_is_a_different_perspective if you're at all interested)

    I'm a little bit of an art geek, so to speak. I have a strange tendency to get emotionally attached to certain characters. Characters like Dale, Maggie, or Glenn, who seem to want to rise above the savage world rather than adapt to it are the ones who tend to impress me more than the badasses such as Michonne and Abraham. It's not to say that I dislike those characters, it's just that I find myself unable to relate to them as much.

    Now, that being said, I'll …

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  • Chevleclair

    I'm Chevleclair, just a random blogger from Iowa. nice to meet you all.

    The reason I've decided to write this blog is kind of unusual. This is kind of a commentary on some of the complaints I've heard about all of The Walking Dead media. I'm basically going to keep it simple and give you the most common complaints I've heard, and explain why I like the show/comic/game. Hopefully this would help some with these complaints look at the same thing from a different angle, and perhaps appreciate things from a different perspective. In no way am I disparaging anyone for not sharing my point of view, nor do I think my way of looking at things as superior to anyone else's.

    The first complaint I've heard about this whole storyline is the complete lack…

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  • Chevleclair

    At this point in both the comic and the TV series, the group has pretty figured out how walkers behave. Lurkers, walkers, herds, and the like. The herd mentality that makes walkers so dangerous can also be exploited as far as bypassing them. We'll use the scavaging scenario as an example.

    While taking a brief rest, you and your scaveging buddies sit and contemplate things from a rooftop. Most walkers can't climb ladders, and if they can, it's done in an excruciatingly slow manner. Across the street is your veritably jackpot. Perhaps it's a Wal-mart, or some sort of one-stop department store that can supply your settlement/group's needs. Your biggest problem is that there's a massive herd of walkers shambling about, bumping into one another,…

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