I have a lot and some of them are:

Beth: "Mr. Grimes, my dad wants to talk to you.

Beth: "Back from where we came..."

Beth: "You're pregnant...how could you do that...you think it'll make a difference?"

Beth: "...Thank you..."

Beth: "What, is he gonna kill me for commiting suicide?"

Beth: "He's clueless, he's been waiting for a cure."

Beth: "We went out for three months and now i'm married to him?"

Beth: "You can't avoid it."

Beth: " What are we waiting for...? We should both do it...at the same time...help each other."

Beth: "No one can protect us...!"

Beth: "I heard what happened."

Beth: "We're alone...you, me, Patricia, wiht only dad and Jimmy against a whole world of those things."

Beth: "...Aren't you gonna say something?"

Carol: "Don't go out there, you all won't know what could happen!"

Carol: "Please god...punish me however you want...but have mercy on her, let her be safe..."

T-Dog: "Maggie,Maggie, let's go!"

Carol: "We have to trust! If we find him he's gonna need his mother, we gotta go!"

Daryl: "C'mon i ain't got all day!"

Carol: "Beth, Patricia come on!"

Maggie: "And Beth, i lost Beth we gotta go back..."

Hershel: "Christ promised the ressurection of the dead...i just thought he had something...a little different in mind..."

Beth: "You let her go...you threw her to them to save yourself...i was holding on to her...you let her go...!"

Lori: "Sweetheart...i'm sorry."

Beth: "They got her too...took her away from me, i was...i was holding on to her daddy, she just-"

Hershel: "Everybody stop panic and listen to Rick."

Lori: "Let Rick finish."

Beth: "What if walkers come here or another group like Randall's?"

Daryl: "You know how we found Randall right? He turned but he wasn't bit."

Beth: "How's that possible...?"

Beth: "Mom...-kyaaaaa!!"

Carl: "Heaven is just another lie...! And if you believe it, you're an idiot!"

Carol: "You need to control that boy! Disrespectful...!"

Glenn: "How is she?"

Hershel: "She seems to be in good spirit today, aren't you Doodlebug?"

Beth: "*Chuckles*"

Glenn: "Well, let me know if i can do anything."

Beth: "Of all the money e'er i had, i spent it in good company. And all the harm e'er i've done, Alas it was to none but me...♫"

Carol: "You too Sophia."

Sophia: "No! don't leave me!"

Maggie: "Stop being such a brat!"

Rick: "Carl! Sophia! Get down!!"

And many other :3

What's your fav quotes? (Sorry if it's too long)


Beth: "We'd like to join you for gun training today."

Daryl: "Shoot me again, you'd best pray i'm dead."

T-Dog: "But that's insane!!"

Maggie: "Special delivery!!"

Lori: "I wish i could promise you it will be alright...i can't. But, we can make now alright, and we have to."

Lori: "Get Carol! She ran that way!"

Carol: "Look out!!!"

Sophia: "Bye..."

Andrea: "You're gonna have to."

Andrea: "The pain doesn't go away...you just make room for it."

Glenn: "Hey, dumbass. Cozy in there?"

Rick: "Lori...Carl...I'm sorry."

Daryl: "...Got bit, Fever hit, world gone to shit, might as well quit...?"