I know i've already made this kind of blog a year ago but that was just from season 2. There's a lot of new quotes from season 3 that i like from each (not all) episode and those are:


The campfire scene:

Hershel: Bethy, sing Paddy Riley for me. I haven't heard that i think, since your mother was alive.

Beth: ...no one wants to hear.

Glenn: Why not?

Beth: ...okay.

Carl and Beth scene:

Beth: Pretty gross.

Carl: Yeah you remember the storage unit?

Beth: It's actually, it's actually comfortable. Check it out!


Maggie & Beth scene:

Maggie: Watcha doin?

Beth: He's gonna have a hard time walking with one side of his pants dragging on the ground...you know you could trip or something.

Maggie: There's a good chance he won't wake up-

Beth: Why are you so eager to give up on him?!

Maggie: I'm not giving up on him.

Beth: It sure sounds like it...

Maggie: I don't want you to get your hopes to high, we're not equipped to deal with something like this.

Beth: ...we have Carol.

Maggie: She's not a doctor. Dad told her a few thing to help with the baby.

Beth: She stopped the bleeding!

Lori CPR on Hershel scene:


Killer Within:

Rick arriving on the prison field:

Rick: What the hell happen?!

Beth: The gate was opened!

Rick: Where's Lori?!

Hershel: Carl, Maggie and Lori went there inside the prison!!

Beth: And T went there!

Rick: Anyone else?!

Beth: I couldn't tell...

Rick: Stay Put!!

Lori's death scene:

Lori: You're gonna be fine. You are gonna beat this world i know you will. You are smart, you are strong, and you are so brave...and i love you. You gotta do what's right baby, you promise me you'll always do what's right. It's so easy to do the wrong things in this world. So...so if it feels wrong don't do it alright? If it feels easy so don't do it, don't let the world spoil you. You're so good. My sweet boy, the best thing i ever did. I love you! I love you...my sweet sweet boy i love you.

Say The Word:

First scene on the episode:

Daryl: Alright, think where we're goin, Beth.

Daryl: Kid lost his mom, his dad ain't doin so hot.

Beth: I'll look after him.

Ending scene:

Daryl: Yeah you like that lil' ass kicker~?

When the Dead Come Knocking:

Getting medical treatment for Michonne:

Rick: Carl get the water! Beth, some towel!

Beth: Okay.

Rick: Thank you.

When the group are getting ready to leave for Woodbury:

Beth: This is Maggie and Glenn, why are we even debating?!

Daryl: We're not. I'll go after em'.

Beth: I'll go!

On the prison field:

Michonne: Isn't this place overrun??

Beth: It was...

Michonne: And you cleared it all by yourself? Just the few of you?

Beth: There were others...

Made To Suffer:

Axel's scene:

Axel: You are good with her. You got little sister?

Beth: ...no.

Axel: How old are you anyway?

Beth: ...Seventeen.

Axel: Seventeen...Interesting♪

Carol: May i speak with you?

Axel: Me? I'll be right back♫

Carol: Stay away from her...this isn't about you repopulating the earth.

Axel: I didn't mean no offense. I've been locked up here in the prison and there weren't many women, you follow me?

The Suicide King:

Beth's scene:

Beth: She kinda has Lori's eyes, don't you think?

Carol and Beth's scene:

Carol: I'm hardly the woman i was a year ago but if Ed walk through that door, breathing, i'd tell him to go to hell.

Beth: ...you would?

Carol: It doesn't matter now.


The battle scene:

Beth: Huh?!

Carl: (running with Beth) Hurry up!!

Maggie: BETH!!! Here!!

Beth: Okay!

Maggie: Carol, GO!!

I Ain't a Judas:

The group in confusion:

Beth: We can't even go outside...

Carol: Not in the daylight at least.

Glenn: If Rick said we're not running, then we're not running!

Maggie: (pointing to Merle) This is all you!! You started this!!

Beth: What difference whose fault it is? What do we do?

Hershel: I'd say we should leave. Now Axel's dead. We can't stay here!

Andrea and Carol scene:

Andrea: But Shane loved Rick!

Carol: Shane loved Lori.

Andrea: ...and Lori...?

Carol: During C-Section, we were overrun by walkers. Maggie had to-

Andrea: Oh God...

This Sorrowfull life:

Greene family praying:

Hershel: (sigh)

Beth: ...you okay?

Hershel: (to Maggie and Beth) What i wouldn't do, to keep you two safe...Rick? we need to talk.

Welcome to the tombs:

The Governor's failed plan:

Karen: That was a disaster!!

Martinez: Bunch of pussies!!

Andrea's Death:

Andrea: I know how the safety works.

Individual quotes:

Rick: I'm not your governor...

Lori: Look i know that i'm a shitty wife and i'm not winning any mother of the year awards.

Carl: I was just making sure Beth was safe.

T-Dog: Word of advice, take those bodies out and burn them.

Daryl: Girl's got a point. (to Beth)

Carol: Go to hell Merle.

Glenn: You want him to live on the same roof where Carol sleep?! To where Beth sleep?! (pointing to Merle)

Maggie: (To Hershel) You don't have to fight anymore...If you're worried about me and Beth, don't. We'll take care of each other...

Hershel: (To Maggie) You got your mother's spirit...and, her stuborness.

Beth: Carl! She's your mother you can't talk to her like that!

Andrea: We don't wanna walk into any trouble that we can't get out of. (The Irony lol)

Michonne: I didn't know the Messiah complex was contagious.

Merle: You people looked at me like i'm the devil!

What are your favorite quotes? ♪♫