Hi guys, i haven't been online for a about a week because of school. Anyway, i think season 3 is going to have more action and less drama, and i think there's going to be lots of deaths. If you have to pick 5 people to die from Rick's group (Including Andrea and Michonne), who will you pick? For me it's Andrea, Glenn, Carl, T-Dog, and Lori. Andrea because i think it will add more drama and plot twist to the show :3. Glenn because he just died in the comic. Carl because almost nobody likes him, though i don't hate him, and it's a good plot twist. T-Dog, even though i don't want him to die, it would be intresting to see him fight Merle in season 3 and T-Dog getting killed in a dramatic way. Lori because almost nobody likes her, and i have a feeling that she's gonna be killed in season 3 but the baby should be kept alive. People who's going to survive are Rick, Hershel, Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Beth, and Michonne. I can't see Michonne and Rick dying cause they're almost invincible. I want Caryl to happen, and Hershel and Maggie have to protect my angel Beth :p

Who do you want to choose if you have to kill 5 characters? (From Rick's group only)