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  • Cheria

    Just curious, but who do you think is cuter/hotter/prettier? Maggie or Beth?

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  • Cheria

    I know i've already made this kind of blog a year ago but that was just from season 2. There's a lot of new quotes from season 3 that i like from each (not all) episode and those are:


    The campfire scene:

    Hershel: Bethy, sing Paddy Riley for me. I haven't heard that i think, since your mother was alive.

    Beth: ...no one wants to hear.

    Glenn: Why not?

    Beth: ...okay.

    Carl and Beth scene:

    Beth: Pretty gross.

    Carl: Yeah you remember the storage unit?

    Beth: It's actually, it's actually comfortable. Check it out!


    Maggie & Beth scene:

    Maggie: Watcha doin?

    Beth: He's gonna have a hard time walking with one side of his pants dragging on the ground...you know you could trip or something.

    Maggie: There's a good chance he won't wake up-

    Beth: Why are you so…

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  • Cheria

    I think it was a really great episode. At first i thought that Philip was a nice decent enough guy, until he shot those soldiers dead. It was also creepy how he watches those walkers head in a fish bowl for entertainment. I really Like Michonne in this episode cause she's all badass and such, expecially when she sat there like a boss lol. I like Andrea too but she's too delusional about the gov in this episode. I like that Rowan lady, i hope she somehow becomes one of Rick's group, or at least Dr. Stevens. Post your thoughts here! :3

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  • Cheria

    Does anyone know a free and good website to watch "Sick"? I didn't watched the show last night. Sorry if this blog is stupid, offensive or if there's a blog like this, feel free to delete this blog, but i need to watch sick so bad now lol. Thanks for the links to the website guys! ^o^

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  • Cheria

    Choose 5 people to die

    October 8, 2012 by Cheria

    Hi guys, i haven't been online for a about a week because of school. Anyway, i think season 3 is going to have more action and less drama, and i think there's going to be lots of deaths. If you have to pick 5 people to die from Rick's group (Including Andrea and Michonne), who will you pick? For me it's Andrea, Glenn, Carl, T-Dog, and Lori. Andrea because i think it will add more drama and plot twist to the show :3. Glenn because he just died in the comic. Carl because almost nobody likes him, though i don't hate him, and it's a good plot twist. T-Dog, even though i don't want him to die, it would be intresting to see him fight Merle in season 3 and T-Dog getting killed in a dramatic way. Lori because almost nobody likes her, and i have a …

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