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Did Anyone Else Lose Respect for Kenny? TWD Game

- Spoilers -

Hello Everyone! :]

I just got Episode 2 of the Walking Dead Game, and I finished it a few hours after I got it. First of all I have to say bravo to Teltale and Robert Kirkman. It was a great and drama-filled episode, don't ya'll agree? Secondly I want to ask everyone, did anyone else lose respect for Kenny in this episode?

I liked Kenny alot in Episode 1, but I think he started to show his true colours this time around! Killing Larry, Not helping you when Dan attacked you in the Barn etc. I just started to dislike him after that.

Please respond, I hope I am not alone.

Slan and Thanks, We Can Burn Brighter Then The Sun! CHT 22:25, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

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