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  • CheeseToe

    - Spoilers -

    Hello Everyone! :]

    I just got Episode 2 of the Walking Dead Game, and I finished it a few hours after I got it. First of all I have to say bravo to Teltale and Robert Kirkman. It was a great and drama-filled episode, don't ya'll agree? Secondly I want to ask everyone, did anyone else lose respect for Kenny in this episode?

    I liked Kenny alot in Episode 1, but I think he started to show his true colours this time around! Killing Larry, Not helping you when Dan attacked you in the Barn etc. I just started to dislike him after that.

    Please respond, I hope I am not alone.

    Slan and Thanks, We Can Burn Brighter Then The Sun! CHT 22:25, July 6, 2012 (UTC)

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  • CheeseToe

    Hello Everybody!

    This is my first blog, so I'd just like to say hello to everyone and I also propose a question to every Walking Dead fan out there. If you could bring any character who had died or is just out of the comics for good for example Lily or any other woodbury characters...who would you bring back?

    For me I would personally bring back Billy Greene and Jessie for several reasons, one being that I like those two characters and thaught they deserved more...screen time. Another reason is because I like Jessie and Rick's relationship and thaught it was well, sweet. So choose wisely and please comment telling me the person you would bring back from the dead in TWD.

    Slan! We Can Burn Brighter Then The Sun! CHT 14:22, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

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