This is basically a rant blog, and it is going to be pretty long. I know that I am about to ignite a war with Beth fans, so grab the popcorn kids. Also as a fair warning, this blog contains major spoilers for both the comics and the tv series.

Who is Beth Greene:

In season 2, the writers made the idiotic choice to, rather than bring us an absolutely amazing fan fave character, Billy, the gave us someone else, Beth. As you know, Hershel in the comics has 3 sons and 3 daughters. In the TV series, he has only 2 daughters and a step son. Sure, we have the epic Maggie Greene in the TV series, who, despite the fact that I think the TV series is a bit weak compared to the comics, is a much better character than her Comic version. But, we were introduced to a TV series original, Beth. Beth is Hershel's daughter and Maggie's half-sister. 

Who is Billy Greene:

Billy is, obviously, Hershel's son. He is the youngest of Hershel's sons and was the sole survivor of his 3 boys after all of their deaths. Billy was a 19 year old farm hand, who, was always a rebel and would often speak his mind, which would cause him to get into some trouble with his dad. He rose from a shy, rebel teenager to a strong and open teenager, who fought to the death during the prison assault. 

Comic Series Greene Kids:

Maggie 109
Rachel Greene
Susie Greene
Lacey Greene
Arnold Greene
Shawn Greene

We have:

Maggie - 21 year old, oldest daughter of Hershel.

Billy - 19 year old, Youngest son of Hershel.

Shawn - 20 something year old, oldest child and son of Hershel.

Arnold - 20 something year old.

Lacey - 20 something year old.

Susie - Preteen

Rachel - Preteen

TV Series Greene Kids:


We have: 

Maggie - 24 year old daughter of Hershel.

Beth - 18 year old daughter of Hershel.

Shawn - Teenage stepson of Hershel. *

This was a bit of a waste. Yes, we have Maggie and Shawn. Sadly, Shawn was simply Hershel's stepson, and was already a walker during the duration of his time on the show. Wasted chance. He could of easily been the TV series counterpart to Billy, but this did not happen. AMC had to take the easy way out and simply hire an extra to play him. 

Billy VS Beth:


Billy is a 19 year old teenage boy who lived with his family on their family farm. Originally, Billy was a quiet and shy boy who would constantly rebel and do some pretty crazy stuff. Billy tried to be helpful and would try to be liked by the group. He eventually became one of the best sharp shooters in the group, aside from Andrea, and would prove his strength during the battle at the prison. One day, he is seduced into having sex with Carol, who then commits suicide soon after they finish. This caused Billy to feel used, and progressed his character further. Later on, the prison was attacked and he took down several of the attackers and saved the lives of his friends by doing so. Sadly, Billy was hit by a stray bullet in the head, which killed him instantly, and caused Hershel to instantly give up on life after witnessing his youngest son's brutal death. (Which then caused Hershel to be killed moments later.) Billy had great character progression, and was an all around bad-ass.


Beth is an 18 year old teenage girl who lived with her family on the farm. What we first seen of her, she was a regular teenage girl. However, once Shane causes the walkers to escape the barn, she quickly turns into an all around drama queen. This is first shown by her breaking down over her mothers corpse. Later on, she attempts to talk Maggie into a suicide pact, but that fails. After a talk with Andrea, she attempts to cut herself with glass from a mirror, but due to being stopped by Lori and Maggie, she did not die. Later on at the prison, she becomes the unofficial caregiver to Judith after Lori's death, and starts to date a boy named Zach. After his death, she starts to completely go crazy, and show no more emotion during anyones death. She showed no emotion to Zachs death, or Glenn being infected, simply always using the excuse "We don't get to be upset!". Her entire existance has pretty much been pointless. Unlike Billy, she has absolutely not contributed to the series at all, except for her useless one liners (and rare quick conversations). 

Contributions to series:


- Excellent character progression from scared and quiet young man to outgoing hard as nails young man.

- Excellent sharp shooter who saved lives.

- Always willing to help others.

- Liked by the group.

  • Nothing*

What should of been done:

Rather than cast Beth, they should of used Billy instead. This was sadly wasted potential. Billy was a bad ass character who had Excellent character progression, even up until his sad demise. Beth on the otherhand, is a very worthless character who barely even talks. She has basically only talked less than 50 times the entire series. Replacing Billy with her was a mistake that Robert Kirkman never should of allowed. I personally do not like the character Beth, because of what I said: Worthless. She does nothing to forward the plot, and never has. She is just a character who belongs on a soap opera.


What do you think? Did you like Beth? Did you want Billy to be in the series? Do you still feel that Billy can appear anyways? Can Beth redeem herself? Sound off. 

- To be continued - 

More points will be added later. For now, please read and comment below. Please, make sure comments are  CONSTRUCTIVE and actually well thought out. Don't just say "OMG BETH SUCCCCCKSS!!!!". Add a reason why you hate her, (Or Billy). Thanks.