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    Billy VS Beth

    November 11, 2013 by Ccrogers15

    This is basically a rant blog, and it is going to be pretty long. I know that I am about to ignite a war with Beth fans, so grab the popcorn kids. Also as a fair warning, this blog contains major spoilers for both the comics and the tv series.

    In season 2, the writers made the idiotic choice to, rather than bring us an absolutely amazing fan fave character, Billy, the gave us someone else, Beth. As you know, Hershel in the comics has 3 sons and 3 daughters. In the TV series, he has only 2 daughters and a step son. Sure, we have the epic Maggie Greene in the TV series, who, despite the fact that I think the TV series is a bit weak compared to the comics, is a much better character than her Comic version. But, we were introduced to a TV serie…

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  • Ccrogers15

    A few months ago, a spinoff to The Walking Dead tv series was announced. The most recent episode saw the exit of popular character, Carol Peletier as well as new character, Sam.

    Well, I have been thinking about this for a bit now, but decided to voice my predictions/hopes for this new series. Carol and Sam leaving is the perfect setup. Why?

    Say Carol eventually find Sam. The two of them become close and form a mother/son relationship. There is a large difference in their ages (Carol mid 40`s and Sam early 20`s). This would be perfect. Now say, Julio, the mid 30`s survivor that is supposed to be introduced this season, also meets them. Carol and Julio form a romantic relationship and a small loose family is formed. They eventually find more s…

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  • Ccrogers15

    So far, our least fave character has killed 5 Beloved Characters, 1 Minor Character and caused 1 character to abandon the group (lilly). All of them were accidental but caused by ben. Im glad he is dead.

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