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Who are your top ten favorite characters from the Comics and the show? Do your ten favorite good guys and ten favorite bad guys. I can't do the game because of the lack of villians.

Comic good guys:

1: Abraham Ford

2: Glenn

3: Michonne

4: Rick Grimes

5: Carl Grimes

6: Andrea

7: Paul "Jesus" Monroe

8: Axel

9: Allen

10: Dr. Eugene Porter

Comic Villians:

1: Negan

2: The Governor

3: Thomas Richards

4: Chris (Hunter)

5: Dexter

6: Shane

7: Derek

8&9&10: the road bandits

TV good guys

1: Daryl

2: T-dog

3: Rick Grimes

4: Dale Horvath

5: Glenn Rhee

6: Michonne

7: Maggie Grenne

8: Oscar

9: Carl Grimes

10: Tyresse

TV Villians:

1: The Governor

2: Merle Dixon

3: Shane Walsh

4: Tomas

5 and 6: Dave and Tony

7: Randell

8: Andrew

9 and 10: Tim and Crowley

Note: I know this is disorganised, sorry for that. Plus, I think we can all agree that Lori is basiccly the worst character ever.

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