Het everybody. It seems lot's of people make these blogs after a new issue/episode is released. So, I just wanted to be first. There are a few topics I want to cover.

1: Will Carl get his hat back? (this is  VERY important)

2: "The Kingdom" seems a lot like ancient kingdoms. The men are on Horseback, have armor, and fricking swords. What the hell? King Ezekiel has a pet named Shiva. Where'd he get it?

3: Dwilight. Good or Bad?

4: What's Spencer planning? My guess is killing Rick (which would be the first interesting thing he has done).

5: Ezekiel mentioned Gregory (leader of Hilltop) was a coward. So, that leads to two other questions. Does this mean that Kenneth (mentioned by Jesus as the leader when he first met Rick) does not exist, or at the least, not the real leader? And Two: Will Jesus become leader of Hilltop soon?

6: Is Ezekiel his real name?

7: Negan said that no wife was there against her will. So, Sherry could just leave him to be with Dwilight. Yet,he seems to think she is a slave there or something? I understand that the wives live good lifes in exchange for them being faithful, otherwise she has to go back to the point system. Is it possible Negan would kill her and Dwilight? Also, Please don't hate me for this, but I have no problem with the wives thing. Negan is a bastard and should die, but with the wives that's just capitalism.

8: We saw a new side of Michonne. Does this mean that Kirkman will kill her off soon (issue 110 or soon after)?

9: Ping Pong? A way to get points? (I want to know everything about the Saviors including the point system)

10: Seriously will Carl get his hat back?!